sunflower seeds

i love 'em. they're so delicious. makes me wonder who thought to eat these things. who was like, "dude. a seed. i bet you if i crack it open with my teeth there will be a prize waiting for me inside. oh wait. do you know what would make this even better? flavoring it with stuff such as ranch, bbq and original! (i still to this day don't know what original tastes like, well i know what it tastes like, but i don't know what its made of, and even if i did i still wouldn't know.)" anyways, whoever had that epiphany (probably sitting on a toilet on the roof ((scrubs reference anyone?))) is freakin' awesome. because they are delicious and are apparently high in vitamin E phosphorus and magnesium. isn't that sweet? and its a natural source of fiber, zinc, and folic acid. which is good for your metabolism apparently.

and theres something about kids safety here too, because i know the heimlich maneuver.