apathetic about FISA?

honestly i should care more about these things, and i used to be a staunch advocate of defending my rights, but now i just feel that this is a battle that none of us can win. both of these articles point blame at each other's factions, liberal and conservative respectively, but partisanship has absolutely destroyed our legislative processes which entrenches debate on whos' to blame rather than how to solve a problem. i personally point the finger of blame on, everybody to an extent. i blame congressmen for bending over to lobbyists of the various telecoms and for trying to make themselves feel better by reassuring themselves that this isn't their fault, i blame the bush administration for their incredible, yet immoral, agenda built on fear (which soothes the american people into giving up their personal liberties for the sake of national security), and i blame the american people for buying into this state of fear and not doing anything about it.

now i may sound uber hypocritical here, but honestly, there are bigger issues at hand in my opinion, than FISA. even though this debate may explode into the whole personal freedom vs national security issue, i can guarantee you that it won't, and thats what matters. we should debate from the top-down, instead of the bottom-up, because no one is brave/intelligent enough to argue such a controversial topic.