response to net neutrality.

its honestly not surprising that the government is placing lousy restrictions on the interwebs (i have a low opinion of our government if you couldn't tell. and if you can't tell, then you're silly) and contorting the meaning of the first amendment in order to sell out to the broadband companies such as at&t (whom i also hate. except verizon. because their service is money). unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be enough support for deregulating the internet, and i'm not surprised at all, considering that there are more pressing issues for america to answer, like whether or not we'll get our tv writers back or not (seriously. i want heroes to come back on. like now)

but in all seriousness, despite the fact that our congressmen/women (thats the last time you'll see me do that) think that the internet is a "series of tubes" (which may ironically enough be a witty metaphor)the bigger question here is when will we the american people get pissed to the point that we demand the rights guaranteed by our first amendment? (answer. never. and that sounded really corny. like the end of presidential speeches corny. woahhh i can't believe i stooped to that level. i apologize)