the twitter experiment.

I'd like to think of myself as an individual well-versed in internet communities. digg, facebook, reddit, 4chan, hypem, blog, to name a few. BUT theres one internet community that I've refused to participate in (besides youtube and yahoo, those guys are morons) and that is twitter. but recently, its popularity has EXPLODED, making me question if there is something more to twitter than just facebook status updates, considering the fact that...

1. future Best Buy managers are required to have 250+ "friends" on twitter (for some outreach bullshit I guess)
2. popular news anchors/journalists/24 news channels have their own twitter accounts
3. twitter has integrated itself with many video games, such as city of heroes and champions.
4. there don't seem to be as many "fake" celebrity accounts on twitter

SO to answer my many questions about twitter, I decided to sign up for an account myself, just to see what the fuss is all about. I predict that twitter is just a dumbed-down version of facebook, made for older/less technologically savvy individuals that still want to take part in the "internet revolution".

update 1. twitter's website is lagging. fabulous.
update 2. apparently my full name is too long. why the hell did they limit your full name to 20 characters?!
update 3. twitter is over capacity to upload my picture.
update 4. I already hate twitter.


caitlyndelaney said...

I didn't like it at first. It seemed stupid and unnecessary because it's just like facebook status updates, but I really like it now. I'll try to find you, but if I can't- add me- caitlyndelaney :]