coolest USB devices.

the thinkgeeks over at came up with a top 10 list of the coolest gadgets that were pretty inclusive, I mean who doesn't want a USB foam rocket launcher, or a USB rechargable battery, or even a portable George Foreman grill? but the list was missing a couple essentials that are CRITICAL to any geek's collection of USB toys.

1. transforming USB flash drive
yeah you read that right. boring old flash drive? imagine having a USB flash drive that TRANSFORMS!!! and actually looks balla when its transformed, not like some horribly disproportioned kids meal toy.
ravage (black panther)
tigatron (white lion)

2. the USB powered chainsaw
sudden zombie invasion at work? annoying boss/coworkers got you thirsty for blood? do you need to cut down tiny office trees? or do you want to equip your ravage USB flash drive with a weapon? look no further. the USB powered chainsaw is as deadly as it sounds. maybe even more. and yes you read it right. a USB. powered. CHAINSAW.
I present to you. the i.Saw

3. the USB fridge
a little more practical for those hot summer days and less "texas chainsaw massacre (or texas chainsaw instruments?)" plug it in and wait a couple minutes to reach the desired temperature, and this fridge will keep your can of soda (or anything relative to its size) cool so you won't ever have to drink warm diet coke again (it tastes rancid).
USB fridge

4. USB desk vacuum
what better way to say "my desk is the apex of cleanliness and organization," this USB desk vacuum has a cool retro feel that keeps your desk free from "crummies"
USB desk vacuum

♫NP: "the boy who blocked his own shot" - Brand New

p.s. the new Brand New album entitled "Daisy" will be released on September 22, 2009 aka first day of fall, aka my birthday. best gift ever. unless the album sucks. but not like the vacuum.


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