so disappointing. transformers 2 review.


I was surprised at how accurate the critics were about this movie. I've been waiting for it ever since the sneak peak pictures were released, and it was incredibly disappointing.


1. Shia Lebouf
2. Action scenes were way drawn out and mostly involved Shia Lebouf doing a lot of running.
3. Too much emphasis on humans.
4. Inappropriate humor (Mom eating weed brownie and talking about her son popping his cherry just recently?)
5. The transformer fighting scenes were convoluted, it made no visual sense and when a couple were fighting each other in hand-to-hand combat (WTF?) I had 0 idea what was going on.
6. Optimus Prime is dead for half the movie.
7. Optimus Prime doesn't say "Autobots, roll out" but instead says something cliche like "Autobots, lets rock".
8. Humans were WAY too powerful in comparison to the transformers.
9. Giant plot holes (where did that tiny RC car go? He fell in the giant plot hole)
10. Abrupt ending.
11. They used the original Megatron voice actor for the movie video game, but not for the actual movie itself?

1. Classic feud between Starscream and Megatron (he has a voice now)
2. Incredibly realistic transformers violence (Optimus punches through the allspark of the Fallen, rips apart the head of Grindor)
3. Optimus Prime fusing with a SR-71 Blackbird, looking really similar to Wing Zero from Gundam Wing
4. Constructicons
5. Amazing visual/CGI effects
6. Epic music
7. Some witty humor
8. Megan Fox is really hot, even if they played off her hotness inappropriately at times.
9. Shia Lebouf dies (for a couple minutes but still)
10. Seeing it in IMAX is probably orgasmic.

Overall, I'd give it a 4.5/10, just because it had SO MUCH potential to be amazing, but it wasn't.


caroline said...

so i waited until i saw the movie to comment on your posts...

1. wtf with the awkward phrases heard around middle school i.e. "lets rock" "man i'm good" etc.?? i never realized those movies were so friggin cheesy!!
2. the mom was funny but i had enough of her
3. i would have liked to hear a funny quip from those little green/red cars at the end or something like that
4. yeah optimus prime was dead....
5. how did metal shards heal shia le bouf??
6. they did play up megan fox. i've been hearing talk that fox is the new "angelina jolie" ... well, in that case she'd have to be a good actress..........
p.s. the verification word for my post is "farty" lol