"nothing between you and your machine"

reading this article reminded me of a movie i saw over spring break which i don't really recommend to anybody, because its real long and it seems that there was absolutely no editing because everything moved SO SLOW. the title of this movie is "2001: a space odyssey". it has that famous musical space piece where an eclipse slowly appears. you know, the one that goes "daaaa daaa daaa. DA DA. *insert drums" yeah its not really that helpful if i do that is it.
anyhow, the writers of this movie estimated that we'd be exploring the far reaches of our solar system by 2001, which obviously is not true. which makes me think that it'll be a while before people abandon the old school interface in order to adopt a more "click-and-drag" approach. even though that may be new and interesting, even i wouldn't abandon the technologies i'm comfortable with in order to test the cutting edge (which is why i hate beta testing). i mean enough people have trouble using their regular old-school interface computers now, and i can't imagine people abandoning their traditional comforts to adopt this, until it becomes mainstream.