the heartbreaking work of an emo

its about that time again for another installment of the saddest songs ever. if you've been following my facebook notes (all 4 of them. which you probably haven't). with this mix i went with a lot of the old school slow depressing songs instead of the modern "emo" songs, because they just sound really repetitive and the message just isn't as strong in my opinion. plus i feel that i left a lot of the oldies out in the last mix, so here they are.

1. "brick" - ben folds five
2. "nightswimming" - rem
3. "tears in heaven" - eric clapton
4. "iris" - goo goo dolls
5. "yesterday" - the beatles
6. "bad day" - daniel powter
7. "your song" - elton john
8. "over my head" - the fray
9. "against all odds" - phil collins
10. "because of you" - kelly clarkson
11. "glycerine" - bush
12. "bittersweet symphony" - the verve
13. "wonderful" - everclear
14. "champagne supernova" - oasis
15. "chasing cars" - snow patrol
16. "hate me" - blue october
17. "okay i believe you, but my tommy gun don't" - brand new

now go cry in a corner emo kid.