project runway rm

THE FASHION SHOW on BRAVO, supposedly the next PROJECT RUNWAY (which it isn't) makes me want to watch reruns of PROJECT RUNWAY just because it is SO MUCH BETTER. but heres the lowdown on THE FASHION SHOW.

the HOSTS.
Issac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland.

way too boring. i'm sure you were way influential in the fashion world, but as hosts filling the shoes of hot as hell Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, you two fall short, but nice try.


on the other hand, you have the 15 contestants that are just WAY TOO "alternative" and specialized in their area of fashion. I mean there were at least three designers that identified themselves as "experimental," and and that guy who designs based on post-colonial fashion that WON THE FIRST CHALLENGE? and that other guy who designs MEN'S UNDERWEAR? what kind of designers did they turn down if they let THAT guy in?

all in all, I cannot WAIT for the next season of PROJECT RUNWAY.

p.s. the fourth season of THE O.C. isn't bad, now that one of the protagonists, Marissa is dead. now if that only happened in GREY'S ANATOMY with Meredith.


caroline said...

okay izac mazrahi (sp) reminds me of target... already showing that this show is a cheaper version. and kelly rowland aka ex - destiny's child? since when was she fashion?

and okay meredith shouldn't be killed. but neither should george!!

im going to write an angry blog about that right now