negative side of good weather

however, there is a negative side to great weather. it makes boys want to run around half-naked, which is awful and disgusting. because 1, they think that they're toned/fit/athletic or whatever to attract the ladies but they're usually not and instead 2, they're just really hairy and the only thing that they're showing off are their sweatervests (slang term for a really hairy chest. trust me. they suck. we were playing ultimate frisbee and i had to guard a guy with a sweatervest. it was awful. i felt that it was going to like grab me with its long hairs. ugh.) and 3, i just straight up don't wanna see dudes half-naked. not into that. and its not even that hot outside.

another reason why warm weather is "bad", and this time, its the ladies fault. i feel that i need to address the issue of sundresses. and how some chicks JUST CAN'T PULL OFF THE RIGHT ONES. (at this point i went to urbandictionary to look up the formal definition of sundress, but it wasn't there. much to my disappointment.) so instead i went to my good friend wikipedia.

A sundress is an informal sleeveless dress of any shape in a lightweight fabric, for summer wear. The dress is intended to be worn without a layering top, and the design must therefore cut a balance between modesty and allowing sun exposure.

so i'll name some pet peeves of mine when it comes to these sundresses

1. florescent colors that make you look like you're from the 80s. there are FEW retro models of sundresses that look good at all, and even fewer girls that can pull them off.
2. wearing BLACK leggings with sundresses. why would you ruin a good thing? sundresses are usually lighter colors, and contrasting them with black on a nice day? just don't.
3. wearing WHITE leggings with sundresses. seriously don't wear leggings.
4. please wear sundresses that are structured, at least to a small extent. of course since it is a dress, it should still have that flowy feel to it, so it should be structured like a jacket, but it shouldn't be completely free of any hem or "structure".
5. there aren't a lot of people in the sunken gardens wearing sundresses atm, so i don't really know what other negative things i can say about it.